1200lbs Indoor Double Electromagnetic Locks with LED Sensor

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These powerful double electromagnetic locks boast excellent holding force and unique features.

The unique dual-lock design makes this electric lock ideal for controlling access to double swing doors. You're now able to reliably lock both doors with one electric lock.

This does come with two built-in door contacts, meaning this can function both as an electric lock to control access to double doors as well a sensor to monitor the status of each door.

With its powerful 1200lb holding force, compact durability, silent operation, and CE/PSB quality test compliance, this is an ideal door lock for any access control system where double-doors come into play.

  • 12 VDC or 24 VDC dual voltage
  • Low current consumption
  • Reliable holding force of up to 1200lbs
  • Hall effect sensor monitoring output
  • Green/Red LED Indication
  • Built-in magnetic contact for door status monitoring
  • Cosmeticize anodized aluminum casing
  • Surge and spike protection PCB
  • Anti-tamper jam nuts
  • Compact size for small doors, cabinets, etc.
  • Anti-residual magnetism kick-off button
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